Relevance and Compromise Make Strange Bedfellows

Newsflash: after you unplugged yourself 30 years ago and went to live in your version of Utopia, the electricians came and rewired the place. Now all things electrical that must be plugged in require a three prong gizmo.
Your dilemma: Curse modern electrical safety mechanisms and start a group of ungrounded rebels or admit you’ve joined the dark side and live to abhor yourself.
Wait a minute! Since when did staying relevant in any issue in life equate to compromise? If you were plugged into the system before, why not be plugged in now, just getting a little three prong gizmo or adapter of some sort to make sure you fit in again?
I have a 16 year old that keeps me from being a “hoakie” old person and I have two children ten and under that keep me running fast and furious for all of their little programs and adventures. If I don’t stay relevant, I miss out on the connection with my kids. There are things my kids do and love that most certainly aren’t my favorite, but it is no compromise, it is staying relevant to who they are and the world they live in.
Let’s face it – my kids will never know what it was like to fly before the TSA. All of the hassle with travel and paying for your bags is what they are used to. For me to insist that they have a paradigm shift to the way things were when I was “coming of age” is ludicrous. It would make them incompatible with the world they live and move in today.
So what’s my point? If your paradigm of years ago isn’t going to help your kids today, it might not help you much either. Bigotry used to be really popular in my grandparents’ day. Thank God its not as accepted as it once was. Thank God for newer (and better) ways of thinking. Never compromise, but stay relevant, otherwise you might as well not even bother reaching for the plug.


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