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When I was the news director for the college radio station in a small Texas town, I found it difficult to get any assistance from the city regarding any news items, much less breaking news. That all changed when I started faithfully attending the city council meetings. I got to know the faithful few, besides the council members and mayor, that came to each meeting and eventually enjoyed  special kind of camaraderie in the group.

I knew I was “in” when the chief of police made it a point to call me and alert me to a news item he was sure I would be interested in, and he was right! What made the difference? I showed an interest in what was happening. Being present at each meeting showed I appreciated the efforts of those who were responsible for deciding matters for our small town.

I am no longer a radio station disc jokey or news director, but I still live in a small tourist town that has a faithful few that take on the responsibility of deciding matters for this little place we call home. I think it is time to once again be intentional about participating in my community. City council meetings – here I come! And I might just bring a plate of cookies too.


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