I love waterfalls.

That sentence deserves space all to itself. Ah, waterfalls! What’s not to love about a waterfall? My husband knows of my love for waterfalls and managed to surprise me a few years ago with one of those “moving” lighted pictures of a waterfall. I love it!

Last night, it was my turn to select my favorite thing in the “Apples to Apples” game I was playing with friends from church. There in the stack of cards I was to choose from was, waterfalls. There was no question about this one. I had to choose waterfalls! Others in the group thought I should have chosen their card and therefore given them the point. My friend that was sitting next to me simply smiled and said, I know she loves waterfalls.

What is one thing you know about the people you interact with? What is something that always brings a smile to their face? What is the one country the have always loved to travel to? Go ahead, take the time to get beyond the casual chit chat of the weather and really get to know the people around you. Who knows what amazing discoveries you might find!


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