Wilderness Man

I sent my son to his very first Pathfinder campout this weekend. His older brother is going along too, so it is understood that he will keep an eye out on the little guy. I know Matthew is going to have more fun than he can possibly communicate, which is scary because this boy can talk!

I took the time to look up “A Shelter in the Storm” the theme of this campout, and see what all activities Matthew could sign up for. I printed out a copy for him and had him grab the highlighter. We went through the list and there was a theme: wilderness man. Matthew is going to take classes on edible plants, firebuilding without matches, cooking without utensils, orienteering, stars and seeds. He says the stars will help him know where he is at and the seeds will also help him know more of what is good and not good to eat out in the wild.

It is very possible that we will be unable to live with the child after his return until he has had a chance to prove himself. There is a church campout the following weekend. I have a feeling he will be using his new skills there, proudly showing mom and dad he is, very much so, a wilderness man. Who knows what God has planned for such a boy, but I shall encourage him and love seeing how this desire in his heart shapes his life. There is just nothing to compare with the joys of parenting.


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  1. How refreshing to know children are still going out to experience nature in this video game age!