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Quantum Relativity

So my oldest and I were in a discussion this morning about physics. Part of my personal Bible study time this morning including contemplating where our information comes from about who we are and what our purpose might be in this life. A point was made that if science is our final guide, what do we do when different laws in science are diametrically opposed to each other?

This is where Michael came in. Since he wants to be an engineer and devour physics, I asked him to put it into his own words: what is the conflict between quantum physics and the theory of relativity. His answer: quantum physics is based on the fact that  no matter what, all matter stays as it is (basically). Relativity, on the other hand, indicates that the speed at which matter travels can have an impact on time perception (this is for all of you time travelers out there).

After much contemplation, I will still enjoy science and appreciate it for what it is – a study and observation of known things. When it comes to the unknown things, I’m going to stick to the Bible. My reasoning? Many people tried to say that the Bible was wrong and when it says as a man thinks in his heart, it really meant the brain. It is some kind of allegory or something. Well, I tend to think that if it were meant to be a symbol, it would have clearly indicated it was a symbol. Just because something doesn’t make sense, doesn’t mean that you spiritualize it away, especially now that we know better. Oh, you haven’t heard?

Our “science” in the realm of medicine has finally gotten to the point where we can study more and observe that there are actually neurotransmitters surrounding the heart. Neurotransmitters – think brain stuff. So if it took science this long to finally catch up to the Bible in this one point, I’m content to continue to live by faith and wait for it to catch up with the rest as well.

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The “S” Word

The disciplines of drills, scrimmages and tons of practice are things that can help your average high school football player into a real athlete. The disciplines of organization, study, research and preparation are things that can help any student become a valuable scholar. Disciplines. They are there to make us great!

So isn’t it ironic that one of the spiritual disciplines is submission? Who even likes that word anyway? For one, a wolf that wants to live. You take a wolf that doesn’t know its place in the pack and he’ll be either dead or kicked out. But a wolf that wants to stay in the pack approaches the alpha male with a form of submission, to show he knows who is boss. And for this submission the wolf gets all the benefits of the pack including food, warmth, protection and society.

The spiritual disciplines are there to make us great! Submission, or unresistant humble obedience, makes us great! God has amazing things planned for us and much more than just food, warmth, protection and society. When we come to God with that unresistant humble obedience, we get the “blessings of the pack.” But when we come thinking we know what is best, we are challenging God. He stands His ground. You can read about it in the book of Job. The last few chapters are when God says to the miserable Job: okay, you think you know all the answers, tell me, where is the snow kept? And it goes on and on.

God is merciful though. He doesn’t strike us dead. He lets us leave and calls out after us: the door, for now, is always open for unresistant humble obedience and I will even help you get that.

Submission, unresistant humble obedience, makes us great in God’s pack.

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So a friend of mine recently had an epiphany about belonging. She went on a group campout, the same annual campout she had been on before, but this time it was different. The people she usually hung out with on the campout weren’t there, so she had to mingle with everyone else.

The back story: this friend of mine has been struggling with her sense of belonging. What groups does she belong in right now?

After the campout, I asked my friend, so had your friends you always hung out with before forced you to stay with only them and kept you from interacting with others? Her answer was that she had been placing limitations on herself.

How do feel like you belong to a group? Start acting like you belong, it is a little known secret to belonging.

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Silent Skits

The kids in our church are really shy for some reason. So most of us on the church campout were thrilled to see three of the shiest ones putting on a skit for the evening worship program. There was some music playing in the background, but the skit itself was in silence.

It was cute to watch one kid walk up to, inspect and eventually sit down in a chair clearly and brightly labeled “Sin.” He then squirmed and pretended that he was stuck in sin. My youngest son then came by with a Bible to help, but the kid stuck in sin refused.

Three more people came by, all of which the victim reached out to for help, but none of them could do it. The Karate man couldn’t. The witch doctor/magician couldn’t and the body builder couldn’t do it. Finally the boy with the Bible came back around again and this time the kid stuck in sin decided he was ready to try the Bible and get out!

It was a simple skit, but the lesson is huge. There are many things we look to in life to solve all of our problems, but when it comes to the entangling morass of sin, the Bible and the God it reveals are the only answer.

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The Perfect Card

Picking out cards can be monotonous at times, until you find it: the perfect card! I have a brother-in-law that appreciates an intellectually twisted sense of humor and Karl and I both enjoy finding just the right card for him. We laugh as we read the card and as we imagine what his reaction will be.

At my last birthday, I got a couple of cards that were perfect! I knew the family members that picked the cards out must have known, without a doubt, these are for Sharon! Whether it makes you laugh, cry, stand in amazement or even a mixture of the three, it is wonderful to enjoy the perfect card and the love and relationship behind it.

In my Bible study time this morning, I ran across this description of what it means to be close to God, by regularly getting into His Word: “Imagine knowing God so well that you could buy Him a greeting card you knew He would just love.” I thank Lisa D. Hermann for writing this. How much time is spent in God’s Word? Do I know Him enough that I could pick out the perfect card for Him?

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False Positives

Our daughter had been through enough already, at least we thought that way. So when the basic blood test for allergens was done and it came back positive for wheat, peanuts and egg whites, it was a blow. An appointment was made with an allergist and we saw another day out of school for her as their appointments could only be in the mornings. Alas, it is what it is.

Adjustments have been made and I promise it wasn’t easy. Peanuts – nothing! They are such a common allergen that you can find all kinds of substitutes and you can easily see if peanuts are on the ingredient label. No problem. Greta loves Wow Butter so we are good to go. The wheat and the egg whites were more difficult. One entire line of gluten free breads doesn’t know how to make them without egg whites. Oh bother, but somehow we managed to get some foods she could eat and still feel like part of the family.

Today we saw the allergist. She asked a few questions and went over results. Greta has never had the throat constricting, projectile vomiting, hives, swelling and so forth that are typical of a dangerous allergic reaction. The allergist assured me that the test Greta had done was not a diagnostic test. It is used in conjunction with other tests and with records of whether or not the patient has had allergic reactions before. The bottom line: Greta’s diet doesn’t have to be limited anymore! I took the girl to Ryan’s for lunch and she proceeded to wolf down two dinner rolls. Ahhh, the taste of a hot buttered dinner roll.

I have been thinking about that false positive test. It was never meant to be a diagnostic test and it does have a common problem of showing up false positives. This is something we had already researched and therefore we were hoping we would get the news we got today. It made me stop and wonder: are there other tests I’m using in my life that aren’t diagnostic tests, but only to be used in conjunction with other things? Do I have narrow vision and limit myself to only one way of doing something? I shall be taking inventory the rest of this week. What needs to be contrasted with something else. What is a stand alone test. This will be an interesting week.

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Deja Chick Flick

My husband and I have a page on facebook called Unashamed Marriage. We post things from real life experiences of our own, friends, family and any other true story we can get our hands on. Karl is especially good at finding little nuggets of research on the internet that make you want to stand up and fight for your marriage! This is one of them.

Google marriage and chick flicks and you will eventually come across ten things you can do to improve your marriage, including putting the brakes on chick flicks. What? Manly movies are full of blood and violence. What is wrong with a tender chick flick? Well, let’s go back to science class. The human body is amazing. A study of physiology will leave you marveling at God’s creativity. While you cannot put all men in a jar and all women in a bowl, there are some basic physiological differences between them – almost universal. Men are visually stimulated. Women are impacted by words and affection.

So give a happily married woman a steady diet of romantic comedies (chick flicks) for a few months and you may discover something: she begins to become dissatisfied with her marriage, because it’s not like it is in the movies. Her need for words and affection has been met with the tenderness of the romantic comedies and the oaf she is married to suddenly becomes everything the hero in the movie is not. Are all chick flicks bad? The study said to limit the amount of romantic comedies. Let your marriage be the center of tenderness and affection in your wife’s life, not something from the big screen.

Don’t believe me? Take another look at how art imitates life. The movie Sleepless in Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan was a hit. But you may notice throughout the plot line, there is is the reference to another movie. The main female character is constantly comparing her life to scenes from An Affair to Remember. Okay Sharon, big deal, this is a movie about a woman caught up with the plot line of another movie. It’s still just a movie. Yes, and I still know a couple of women who named their children off of favorite characters from movies and television.

Just something to think about.

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