Kind of funny, but I said I was going to work on getting through my anger at the doctors/surgeons of 25 years ago. Perhaps I should have stated it more realistically, I’m going to pray that God gives me victory over this struggle with all that has happened in the past and how it could have been different.

As my husband was reviewing a video clip he was going to use in his sermon yesterday, God revealed to me what had happened over the last 25 years. The video clip is about Team Hoyt. A father and his disabled (cerebral palsy) son who are triathletes. The father swims, pulling the son in a boat. He bikes, pushing his son in a special wheel chair attached to the front of the bike. He runs, pushing his son in a special wheel chair designed for running. Dick Hoyt (father) says Rick (son) is the winner, with all of the spirit. He just loans him his arms and legs.

Dick and his wife didn’t ask for a child with cerebral palsy, but that’s what they got. I didn’t ask for Crohn’s Disease, and I didn’t ask for doctors to fail me and not follow through. But just as I watched that video, seeing this retired military man sweat and fatigue through intense athleticism and then watching his son’s exuberant face as they reach the finish line, I realized what God had done for me. Those 25 years, God pulled me in a boat. He pushed me on the bicycle and he pushed me in the racing wheelchair. He knew I was at a disadvantage, so He carried me.

There are going to be more bumps in the road, so I’m going to trust that God again will carry me. He is able.


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