Our church has adopted a couple of names/contacts from http://www.anysoldier.com. We are working on sending out some care packages and have asked what the troops need and gotten a response. So far, so good.

The difficult part is shipping and filling out that customs form. You can ship this. You can’t ship that. You can’t ship food items and non-food items in the same box. If you ship liquids, pack them in sealed bags so they won’t leak; because if there is a leak, the box will become suspect and won’t be delivered. This is just the beginnings of information I’ve found out from various websites and my local post office expert on shipping to the military. There are special military shipping boxes and the post office will give you a small discount on the regular rate when shipping to military, which is appreciated.

But at some point, one might begin to wonder, is it worth all of that hassle?

It doesn’t take long to answer, it’s worth it! I remember the soldiers that came and folded my dad’s flag and presented it to my mom. I think of my friend in the Navy that sent a camel from Kuwait when my daughter was very ill and in the children’s hospital. I remember walking down to the nearby national guard armory when I lived in Arkansas to wish well our local reservists as they got deployed. I saw mothers and fathers hugging their kids and telling them they would miss them very much.

I’ll write firm enough so it goes through all the copies on that customs form and I’ll make sure the boxes are packed perfectly to meet all criteria and yes, it is worth it!

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