I’m sorry I didn’t acknowledge you

I once went to a weekend training event at a large church. The pastor there was sharing some of his church’s success stories and how you could apply them to your own local congregation. Later during that weekend, I found myself meandering through the sanctuary and the pastor whizzed by me quickly. He stopped, came back and apologized. “I’m sorry I didn’t acknowledge you.”

He saw the confused look on my face and I clarified that it was okay. Just because I was in the room and he was walking by didn’t mean he had to stop and talk to me. He didn’t even know me! I was just one of the numbers of people there attending the seminar. His next words still haunt me. “Well, I’ve walked by members before and didn’t say hello and they got mad and stopped coming to church.”

Ah, the life of a pastor and sometimes a pastor’s wife. You are always supposed to be super human and available to everyone at every time of the day! If someone sees you in the lobby, you are obligated to make sure you take the time to speak with them. There is only one problem. This particular pastor had 900 members in his church. He is one man supposed to meet the needs of 900 people at a moment’s notice?

Don’t get me wrong. Pastors love what they do. They love being there for people, sharing in their hurts, joys, needs and blessings. They care about people and count it a privilege to minister to them. However, they are only human and there is usually only one of them.

What’s my point? If you going to church to worship God or not depends on whether or not the pastor personally greets you each weekend – there is a problem. Your faith needs to be in what God can do, not what a mere human being can do.


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