Time for Joy

What I love about this video –  well, watch it first.


We once “dogsat” for friends doing a term of missionary service. Our children were very sad to see that gentle Great Pyrenees go home when our friends returned. What a beautiful and gentle animal she was. It was amazing to watch her bond with the children and take them as her responsibility when they were outdoors. I didn’t worry about the children when Tilly was on duty, even the barely walking Greta. She had no reason to fear a dog that stood taller than she did.

But what really touches my heart is that a stronger creature is gentle with one still fragile. A faster animal slows his pace, willingly to that of a child. When the child sets down the leash to take a turn in the puddles, the dog doesn’t run. He waits patiently for his companion to experience a bit of joy that is special to them. How wonderful to go on a walk with someone who knows when you need to take a detour for a little time of pure joy!


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