Backing Up

I’ve received a great honor recently – most favored auntie status by my 2 year old niece. I’m not sure what I did, but Kayleigh has selected me to be her cuddling aunt. She told her mother she wanted to sit in my lap for family time. I was surprised, but nonetheless delighted as all of my children are past this stage.

The entire family, all 15 of us gathered for the holidays, have managed to carve out time each day for family worship. Kayleigh selects me to sit with during this special time. Again, I am delighted.

Then there was the day she gave the universal sign. She had her precious blankie in front of her and slowly backed up closer and closer to me. I knew what this meant, I was supposed to pick her up and set her on my lap for cuddle time, which I did. It reminded me of the times my own children had a special book, toy or blanket, held closely in front of them before they began backing up to be picked up and set on the lap.

All kids seem to be born with this skill. It is truly a phenomenon of the development of children that they universally use this little tactic – for very special time. You can read to kids. Then there is the time they back up into your lap with their favorite book. That is special time.

I think this is something I would like to put on my “when I get to heaven” list. I will pick a favorite thing, back up toward my Father and let Him set me on His lap for very special time.


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