Sense of Urgency

As I saw it unfold before me I could only shake my head and say, “Cramming.” If it wasn’t so frustrating it would be funny. We don’t always methodically prepare and study for something until we have a greater sense of urgency, leading to desperate and intense periods of exhaustive study of material – otherwise known as cramming. Alas, each generation has to learn it for themselves.

Matthew and his fellow pathfinders did a trial run yesterday, preparing for this coming weekend’s “Pathfinder Bible Experience.” They have been given selected passages from the Bible that the questions will be taken from. Their wise leader divided the passages up among the pathfinders so they would only have to concentrate on certain parts and be well prepared to answer questions from those passages. The pathfinders, having these assignments for months, demonstrated quite well that they prefer the cramming method of preparation.

Karl had a talk with Matthew this morning about how his knowledge of the assigned passages has increased as the sense of urgency has increased. I believe for many of us, that’s half of the battle – understanding the sense of urgency months out, so we don’t end up cramming at the end. I battle with this myself. I’m a lot more concerned about keeping my boss’ insurance in compliance as the deadline for renewal draws closer. I’m a lot more focused on my presentations to the women’s groups as the day of the seminar gets closer.

As always, God comes in and turns everything upside down. He doesn’t require any cramming. We don’t have to be perfect, well versed or in compliance before we come to Him. We just have to come. It is so simple, yet many still put this life changing decision off, because they feel no sense of urgency. They plan to live their life and then make things right with God just before they die of a nice old age. You don’t have to be perfect, just come. After all, you don’t know when your last day is. No cramming, just come.

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