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What Kind of Married Man?

What kind of married man doesn’t even notice when another woman is attempting to flirt with him?

A man that is married to a woman that is also his lover.

At a doctor’s office I worked at once, a Mr. ?? came in one day and behaved quite badly. I ignored him. I changed the subject and I was going to ask the doctor to get rid of him. After Mr. ?? left, I asked why he behaved so badly. They assured me at the office that he was married. The next words out of my mouth: well then Mrs. ?? needs to do a better job at home.

Ladies, when a man is thrilled about what he has at home, there is no need to stray.


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Life Without Limits?

This weekend I was at a retreat for pastoral wives. One look at the schedule and I knew I was in trouble. Two days of awesome seminars and activities in San Antonio, Texas, and me burdened down with fatigue and pain from Crohn’s Disease. The bus was going to load up at 2:00 Saturday afternoon and not coming back until 10:00 that night. How would I manage all of the activities?

I discovered that in order to experience life without limits, I had to limit myself. Yes, chew on that one for a while.

Presently, my fatigue is somewhat manageable if I can get a 30-45 minute nap (yes, I love even longer ones) in the morning. If I get in one morning nap and pace myself the rest of the day, I do okay. But there were seminars scheduled all morning and activities all afternoon. So I limited myself.

I cut out one morning seminar and took my required nap. On the tour bus, I commandeered the back seat and brought my pillow and blanket with me. Yes, I missed some great conversations on the bus and a great morning seminar, but I experienced life without limits in exploring a cavern, The Alamo and downtown San Antonio, an incredible vegetarian restaurant and the San Antonio Riverwalk.

I still attended other seminars, I just skipped one of the morning lectures. I still did the tours, I just slept on the bus between destinations. By limiting myself, I experienced life without limits that I thought would have otherwise been impossible.

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My husband is conducting a study through the book of Revelation. It is fascinating to learn about the ancient Seven Churches that the Apostle John wrote to and what life was like for them and why the words in Revelation have so much moreĀ  meaning when we understand that. You are going to give me a white stone with a new name on it? Um, okay, but I’d really like turquoise, I’m much more into color.

We can’t think like our culture today. At the time Revelation was written, a white stone had great significance. In a court of law, it was a representation of being acquitted in a case against you. A black stone meant you were guilty. So for Jesus to say He will give us a white stone – that means because of His love, grace and sacrifice, we are acquitted. Pretty cool.

But the very first church, Ephesus lost something. It had lost its first love. Jesus commends them for keeping their doctrine pure and not letting evil doers lead them astray, but they had lost their first love. They focused so much on keeping the doctrines pure, which pure doctrines are a good thing, but they forgot to be loving in the process. Later churches get in trouble for not keeping their doctrine pure, so this is an important issue, but it can’t be to the exclusion of love.

There are a lot of controversial issues in Christian churches today involving what can and cannot be done by individual members as well as who is and is not qualified to serve as a minister. As a Protestant, I do believe in Sola Scriptura, that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and it is the final say in all decisions regarding doctrine. As Christianity struggles through these controversial issues and many seek to keep doctrine pure, let us not go the route of Ephesus. Don’t let doctrinal purity exclude love.

After all, Jesus didn’t say disciples would know one another by their intense spiritual doctrines kept pure. He said they would know one another by their love for one another.

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Greta is full of life and loves colors and friends and fun. Naturally, I got her some face paints.
Greta did her own face a couple of times before painting her favorite toy – her father.
She wanted to picture the world on his face – blue oceans and green continents. I pray she always sees the world in her father’s face, until she sees it in the face of her future husband.
I thank God for daddies and daughters.


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Well Done

There are times when we are overcome by the profound words of great philosophers. I wish to share some today that greatly impacted me. The renowned philosopher? Veggie Tales.

“Gideon the Tuba Warrior,” is automatically a favorite in the family as it helps Karl relive his days as a Tuba Torquer. If we had an extra $20,000 or so, we most likely would buy him a tuba of his own, since he really is good at it. Aside from the great tuba music, there is a profound lesson in this simple children’s story (just might be why Jesus told us to have faith like a little child).

Gideon (aka Larry the Cucumber) is not so sure that the angel (Pa Grape) has it right. I mean, choosing him to fight the Midianites? The angel asks, what did you want me to come and say? Gideon replied he wanted to hear something like good job. The angel then speaks words that cut straight through all the hype and down to the essence:

If you want to hear God say, ‘Well done,’ you have to do what He says.

Do you want to hear those words from God? Do you long to hear Him say with a smile in His voice, I’m so proud of you? What has God asked you to do? I have good news. God never asks us to do anything that He hasn’t already calculated the time, energy and resources for, because His resources are limitless. Go ahead and do as He says and then let the amazingness of the God of the entire universe commending you for being faithful, let that envelop you in His power, grace and love.

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Epi What?

Think choices and lifestyles are unimportant? Think again. Especially, think about the choices your grandparents made. The science of epigenetics is fascinating. The YouTube link below explains it best.

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Bagging and Tetris

I’ve had the privilege of learning some coaching techniques lately and the world of questions has opened up to me. So I’m now learning the new habit of asking questions as conversation starters. One of my favorites is: what is the part of your job you like the most? I’ve gotten amazing answers, some that spawned 15 minute conversations. I’ve also gotten the somewhat expected – when I get off of work.

One day I asked the lady at Walmart that was checking my groceries what her favorite part of her job was. Her answer was surprising and yet not. She smiled, almost as if embarrassed at first, then admitted she likes the challenge of bagging groceries the best she can. She even went so far as to say it was like a good game of Tetris. I liked her answer.

But Sharon, she’s just a clerk at Walmart. Really? That lady is a hero. She works hard with a good attitude and finds a way to enjoy her job. She’s an example to workers everywhere in any field. I shared her answer with my geometry/math/physics loving son and he understood and appreciated her answer as well.

What is your favorite part of your job?

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