Well Done

There are times when we are overcome by the profound words of great philosophers. I wish to share some today that greatly impacted me. The renowned philosopher? Veggie Tales.

“Gideon the Tuba Warrior,” is automatically a favorite in the family as it helps Karl relive his days as a Tuba Torquer. If we had an extra $20,000 or so, we most likely would buy him a tuba of his own, since he really is good at it. Aside from the great tuba music, there is a profound lesson in this simple children’s story (just might be why Jesus told us to have faith like a little child).

Gideon (aka Larry the Cucumber) is not so sure that the angel (Pa Grape) has it right. I mean, choosing him to fight the Midianites? The angel asks, what did you want me to come and say? Gideon replied he wanted to hear something like good job. The angel then speaks words that cut straight through all the hype and down to the essence:

If you want to hear God say, ‘Well done,’ you have to do what He says.

Do you want to hear those words from God? Do you long to hear Him say with a smile in His voice, I’m so proud of you? What has God asked you to do? I have good news. God never asks us to do anything that He hasn’t already calculated the time, energy and resources for, because His resources are limitless. Go ahead and do as He says and then let the amazingness of the God of the entire universe commending you for being faithful, let that envelop you in His power, grace and love.


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