What Kind of Married Man?

What kind of married man doesn’t even notice when another woman is attempting to flirt with him?

A man that is married to a woman that is also his lover.

At a doctor’s office I worked at once, a Mr. ?? came in one day and behaved quite badly. I ignored him. I changed the subject and I was going to ask the doctor to get rid of him. After Mr. ?? left, I asked why he behaved so badly. They assured me at the office that he was married. The next words out of my mouth: well then Mrs. ?? needs to do a better job at home.

Ladies, when a man is thrilled about what he has at home, there is no need to stray.


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2 responses to “What Kind of Married Man?

  1. Not always true. Some men have the image of perfection at home and their lack of appreciation drives men elsewhere. Just because the man does not behave well does not mean it is a reflection of what their wife is doing. It is a reflection of what the man is doing. He could be a selfish, egotistical, womanizing jerk. Their are so many variables that may not have anything to do with the wife.

    • Variables definitely make things interesting. While my thoughts were generalized, there are other situations, as you have said, that have nothing to do with the wife.