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Denunciation or Desire

When we try to change someone’s mind about a particular issue or topic, I’ve noticed that it is called the art of persuasion and not the listing of their stand’s atrocities. I was reminded again recently, buy reading some inspirational quotes, that we gain more adherents by showing something better, than by telling them how bad their ways are.

It is denunciation or desire. It works in many areas of life from community grass roots movements, parenting and other personal relationships to areas of study, philosophy and religion. We still gain more adherents by creating a desire for what we are advocating instead of beating down their position. I see this in my children on a regular basis. When my children come up with ideas for their school projects, they need guidance. They need to be led to desire to make their project the best it can be with great effort, planning and staying focused. They don’t respond well if I start by saying that their idea for their project is stupid and won’t amount to anything.

What are you passionate about? What would you like to convince the world of? Aim to create desire in folks, desire for something better, instead of denouncing what they currently embrace. In denunciation, all we end up doing is bringing up defenses. Share joy. Share the beauty of what you are passionate about. Share what attracted you to it. Aim for desire over denunciation.

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In the Same Category

Do you know anybody that seems to be energized by fear? They don’t know what to do unless they are afraid of something. Most of us know at least one person like this. But I ran across an interesting verse in the Bible about fear, found in the book of Revelation.

In Revelation 21:8, God is giving a message here, that certain people won’t be able to overcome in the end. It is a warning for us to let Christ change our hearts, thoughts and actions so we have His strength to overcome. Not surprisingly, murderers and idolaters are on the list as well as the sexually immoral, liars and unbelievers. So what is the first thing listed? The fearful. Whoa! Are you saying that those full of fear won’t experience eternity with our Awesome God? Nope, I’m not saying it, God is. In His eyes, being full of fear is in the same category as murderers, liars and unbelievers.

Why is this? If we are constantly fearful, we’ve made fear our god. Of course God has something to say about this – He doesn’t want us to have any other gods. He alone wants to be God in our lives. Are you strangled by fear? Search God’s word for His many promises that say we have nothing to fear with God on our side. We can’t overcome being fearful on our own. We have to let God help us overcome. He is our victory and strength!

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The Approach

Imagine if you will a courtroom where the judge decides before even laying eyes on the defendant or plaintiff that the defendant is guilty. He then has to make sure all the evidence presented in the case supports that and he doesn’t allow any evidence proving innocence to be shown. Is this justice? Is this the right approach?

Unfortunately, many who study the Bible do so in a manner like the judge in my parable. We already have ideas about what the “truth” should be and instead of looking up each and every reference to that particular subject – we only select the verses that prove our point or can be misrepresented somehow to do so.

What is your approach? I will admit, I’ve been on both sides of the coin at times, but I have greater peace and satisfaction in “truths” I discover when all of the evidence is seen and carefully examined. Pray as you study God’s Word. Pray for wisdom and the right approach.

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Does It Make a Difference?

“I am a Christian.” And you’re saying this because? So often that’s the way we look at it. Just saying you are a Christian – does it make a difference? It can, if you are intentional about it.

I’ve struggled with a lot of pain after a colonoscopy and the gastro was at a loss as how to help me. Finally, I went to see my primary care physician and he recommended seeing a massage therapist. It was Monday after 5pm, so I had to wait until the next morning to do anything about it. At my chiropractor’s office, they have a massage therapist – only there on Tuesday mornings. I was her first patient the next morning. So glad she had space for me. I’m still in pain, but at half the severity as it was before. Healing is beginning to take place.

My doctor sits on the same school board as my husband. He asked Karl about how I was doing and Karl was glad to report that massage therapy had made a difference. My doctor was thrilled and shared “the rest of the story.” Massage therapy isn’t something he often recommends. However, as a Christian, he prays that God will guide him in how he handles the care his patients need. He said God put those words in his mouth.

Does being a Christian make a difference? When it is more than lip service. When God is your partner in your life work – yes! I for one, am grateful.

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The Spread

My husband was gifted with expressiveness. It is a part of regular family entertainment. The kids squeal with laughter when Karl takes a bite of a tart apple and the reaction is seen on his face. Obviously, my husband’s facial contortions are nothing new.

Today, however, was different. He began his usual facial expressions which soon turned into a full body demonstration of utter disgust. I took a step closer to where he had been standing and joined in the expression exhibition. It turns out that ant killer has a rotten cabbage smell. I’m still trying to figure out why Karl opened it inside the house, when the ants are outside. Curiosity does more than kill the cat. It also permanently damages olfactory nerves.

Karl put the lid on the canister quite quickly and apologized, but the deed was done. The smell was so strong that it started filling the rooms. I ran for the air freshener. Spraying good stuff and turning on fans helps, but this evil smell lingers.

Bitterness, ugliness, foul smells, rotten attitudes, negativity – they can all spread very quickly. I hope to never let that smell in my house again and I’m also going to pay more attention to the attitudes around me – including my own. I don’t want it spreading to those around me.

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Fun Science

Greta is all about friends and fun. Things that take too long or get in the way don’t get much attention from her. The challenge: inspire her to pick a science fair project and follow through with it.

It’s possible. We have to find colorful and fun projects! I’m glad she has the freedom to choose a project that suits her.

My dream: a world where an individual’s personality is seen as an asset and life work matched up appropriately. Might as well dream big!!

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One in a Million

I’m the one.

Odds are one in a million that you will have an allergic reaction to this medication. I then have to inform the doctor, yes, but I’m the one. I tried to convince a doctor once that I was a medical freak. She would hear nothing of it. She explained that you had to have at least three things going on at the same time. I did and I told her so. She didn’t have much to say after that.

One of my gastro doctors was the first to accept my self-awareness. Oh yeah, you’re the weird one. I proved it true under his care. I was the one in a million that wouldn’t properly metabolize the medication we were trying for my Crohn’s Disease.

It’s not easy being the one. Currently, it rather hurts. Only one in a million will have an adverse outcome from a colonoscopy. Again, I am the one. There are days I wonder what it would be like to be normal. God give me strength.

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