A Different Kind of Coaching

My husband and I have been learning a lot about coaching lately. He is actually a natural at it. Karl inspires me so much. He was at a store and the lady in front of him at the check out line grabbed a candy bar then turned and looked at him and said, tell me not to get this. He didn’t know her at all, but instead of telling her what to do, he asked her this question.

How will it feel to know you decided not to get that?

She thought about it and decided it would feel pretty good to know she had resisted the impulse to buy a candy bar she really didn’t need. She thanked my husband and said she was so glad he was there that day.

This kind of coaching is asking questions, letting the person answer and asking further questions based on those answers. The answers come from the person themselves, never the coach. The coach only asks the right questions – those that help the person to think about things and make their own decisions about life. Karl said it would be really wonderful if I could provide this for him in his life. He asked me to coach him at times, just asking him questions. It’s been a while since he asked, but yesterday I finally did it. Wow!

God blessed me and used me yesterday. Karl said with the questions I asked him, he has been more sure of where he is at and how he feels about certain things than he has been in years! Wow! Now I know why he asked me to meet this need in his life. I wish every spouse could learn the skill of coaching – simply asking questions.


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