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The Spread

My husband was gifted with expressiveness. It is a part of regular family entertainment. The kids squeal with laughter when Karl takes a bite of a tart apple and the reaction is seen on his face. Obviously, my husband’s facial contortions are nothing new.

Today, however, was different. He began his usual facial expressions which soon turned into a full body demonstration of utter disgust. I took a step closer to where he had been standing and joined in the expression exhibition. It turns out that ant killer has a rotten cabbage smell. I’m still trying to figure out why Karl opened it inside the house, when the ants are outside. Curiosity does more than kill the cat. It also permanently damages olfactory nerves.

Karl put the lid on the canister quite quickly and apologized, but the deed was done. The smell was so strong that it started filling the rooms. I ran for the air freshener. Spraying good stuff and turning on fans helps, but this evil smell lingers.

Bitterness, ugliness, foul smells, rotten attitudes, negativity – they can all spread very quickly. I hope to never let that smell in my house again and I’m also going to pay more attention to the attitudes around me – including my own. I don’t want it spreading to those around me.

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