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A Tale of Two Funerals

In the past two months, I have attended two funerals at the same church, with the same nice funeral home folks from down the street and the same congregation and community. But the funerals were vastly different.

Same church, same desire to love God and serve Him with their whole life, but the two men who passed away had one major difference. One led with truth and the other led with grace. The Bible has a lot to say about truth and grace. The truth will set you free. Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. In John’s gospel account, he says we were able to catch a glimpse of the glory of God in Jesus – full of grace and truth.

After spending time devouring God’s Word, it seems that we need both truth and grace in our lives. From reading at the beginning of all things, in the book of Revelation, to the beginning of our little part of it on Planet Earth, in the book of Genesis; the truth is that we screwed up. We disobeyed God and brought much suffering upon ourselves and a curse upon humanity. But Jesus led with grace. He already had a plan in place to save us.

Two funerals. Two different men. The man who led with truth, had a few people say some nice things about what he had done to serve others. Those attending the funeral were scattered around the largely empty church. The man who led with grace? His funeral was packed with standing room only, even in the balcony. So many people shared stories amongst themselves about the impact this man had made in their life. Relationships were healed that day as folks saw a living demonstration of grace and healing.

Two men, two funerals, two outcomes. Lesson learned: we make a better impact for God when we lead with grace.

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In the Same Category

Do you know anybody that seems to be energized by fear? They don’t know what to do unless they are afraid of something. Most of us know at least one person like this. But I ran across an interesting verse in the Bible about fear, found in the book of Revelation.

In Revelation 21:8, God is giving a message here, that certain people won’t be able to overcome in the end. It is a warning for us to let Christ change our hearts, thoughts and actions so we have His strength to overcome. Not surprisingly, murderers and idolaters are on the list as well as the sexually immoral, liars and unbelievers. So what is the first thing listed? The fearful. Whoa! Are you saying that those full of fear won’t experience eternity with our Awesome God? Nope, I’m not saying it, God is. In His eyes, being full of fear is in the same category as murderers, liars and unbelievers.

Why is this? If we are constantly fearful, we’ve made fear our god. Of course God has something to say about this – He doesn’t want us to have any other gods. He alone wants to be God in our lives. Are you strangled by fear? Search God’s word for His many promises that say we have nothing to fear with God on our side. We can’t overcome being fearful on our own. We have to let God help us overcome. He is our victory and strength!

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