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Movie Bites

We took a family walk this evening and I gave the order to my youngest son – nothing that comes from a movie please!

I noticed it this morning and commented on it; that everything he said was little sound bites from various movies, TV programs or computer games. Was it cleverly done? Of course! Was he right on the mark? Absolutely! But I wanted to be able to have a conversation with him without having to visualize the movie he was pulling bits and pieces from.

This led to the family challenging each other to various levels of “screen-free” days. Matthew’s response was, sure, but you need to give me something interesting to do instead.

Isn’t that the problem? You have a bookshelf full of great books, shelves full of great science project games, art supplies, science gadgets, games, challenges and Legos. And you need something interesting to do?

And so it begins.

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Bagging and Tetris

I’ve had the privilege of learning some coaching techniques lately and the world of questions has opened up to me. So I’m now learning the new habit of asking questions as conversation starters. One of my favorites is: what is the part of your job you like the most? I’ve gotten amazing answers, some that spawned 15 minute conversations. I’ve also gotten the somewhat expected – when I get off of work.

One day I asked the lady at Walmart that was checking my groceries what her favorite part of her job was. Her answer was surprising and yet not. She smiled, almost as if embarrassed at first, then admitted she likes the challenge of bagging groceries the best she can. She even went so far as to say it was like a good game of Tetris. I liked her answer.

But Sharon, she’s just a clerk at Walmart. Really? That lady is a hero. She works hard with a good attitude and finds a way to enjoy her job. She’s an example to workers everywhere in any field. I shared her answer with my geometry/math/physics loving son and he understood and appreciated her answer as well.

What is your favorite part of your job?

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