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Does It Make a Difference?

“I am a Christian.” And you’re saying this because? So often that’s the way we look at it. Just saying you are a Christian – does it make a difference? It can, if you are intentional about it.

I’ve struggled with a lot of pain after a colonoscopy and the gastro was at a loss as how to help me. Finally, I went to see my primary care physician and he recommended seeing a massage therapist. It was Monday after 5pm, so I had to wait until the next morning to do anything about it. At my chiropractor’s office, they have a massage therapist – only there on Tuesday mornings. I was her first patient the next morning. So glad she had space for me. I’m still in pain, but at half the severity as it was before. Healing is beginning to take place.

My doctor sits on the same school board as my husband. He asked Karl about how I was doing and Karl was glad to report that massage therapy had made a difference. My doctor was thrilled and shared “the rest of the story.” Massage therapy isn’t something he often recommends. However, as a Christian, he prays that God will guide him in how he handles the care his patients need. He said God put those words in his mouth.

Does being a Christian make a difference? When it is more than lip service. When God is your partner in your life work – yes! I for one, am grateful.

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One in a Million

I’m the one.

Odds are one in a million that you will have an allergic reaction to this medication. I then have to inform the doctor, yes, but I’m the one. I tried to convince a doctor once that I was a medical freak. She would hear nothing of it. She explained that you had to have at least three things going on at the same time. I did and I told her so. She didn’t have much to say after that.

One of my gastro doctors was the first to accept my self-awareness. Oh yeah, you’re the weird one. I proved it true under his care. I was the one in a million that wouldn’t properly metabolize the medication we were trying for my Crohn’s Disease.

It’s not easy being the one. Currently, it rather hurts. Only one in a million will have an adverse outcome from a colonoscopy. Again, I am the one. There are days I wonder what it would be like to be normal. God give me strength.

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Internal Bruising

A hospital emergency room is not where I envision spending a Saturday night with my husband, but alas, I did. My intense abdominal pain demanded it.

We spent a few hours getting lab work (Karl and his hatred of needles politely left the room) and a CT scan. Their results: beautiful. While this was good news (we had reason to fear a perforation of my bowel or an abscess), it didn’t answer the question as to why I was still in pain from a colonoscopy done more than two weeks ago? The joys of living with Crohn’s Disease.

Alas, after much discussion with a lovely and patient ER physician, our best guess is unseen internal bruising from the colonoscopy, due to the doctor performing it having to force it past the area where I was patched together from a surgery in my teenage years. Who knew internal bruising could last so long and hurt so bad?

It is difficult to see internal bruising of the intestines and therefore determine how long it will heal. I suppose it is a lot like other things that aren’t always noticeable from the outside. So perhaps I shall learn a lesson about others and hidden pain that can’t always be seen. Lord help me be more patient and understanding.

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