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Where God is

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us don’t really care where God is at the present moment until something happens. Disaster strikes, families fall apart, a chain reaction of “bad luck” lands on your doorstep or a health crisis appears. Now, suddenly, it really matters where God is. In fact we even look up into the sky and ask in a variety of ways with a variety of promises of what we will do if He answers: “If You are real God, I need some help down here.”

The answer to where God is – well, it just might not be in the place you expected to see it. In the book of Psalms, number 22, you find what religious scholars call a Messianic Psalm. It is a Psalm, or song, about Jesus as the Messiah, written centuries before His birth. It is a prophecy in song. But this particular song starts out with the Messiah calling out like we do. “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” It talks about how He knows they will pierce His hands and feet and many other cruel things about the crucifixion.

This is where God is? How depressing. Not really, because if you read the entire song (why not try to make a melody of it yourself), you will discover that it ends in triumph. Oh yeah, and right after that where are You when I need You cry of desperation, is the answer. Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people.

Could this possibly be true? Yes. Show me. Read the Bible stories about Solomon dedicating the temple. The praises of God’s people brought His presence to such an extent, the temple was filled with the glory of God and there wasn’t room for the priests in there to do their jobs. After doing a 5K around Jericho for the cause of God’s people, they give a shout of praise to their God and the walls fall down. God told one of the kings of Israel the battle was already won. This king set forth in faith and put the singers in front of the army. The SINGERS in front of the army! They advanced with praises and indeed found the battle already won and they merely had to collect the spoils. Let’s not forget our New Testament friends of Paul and Silas who sang praises to God in a Philippian jail cell. Earthquakes, shackles breaking off and doors bursting open. Evidently when God inhabits the praises of His people, it is a big deal.

It doesn’t happen like that in my life. It doesn’t? Test God. Praise Him. Really spend time praising Him and be specific. I’m not talking about going down the list of things God does for you like those Father’s Day cards we buy once a year, but Praise Him for Who He is! Praise Him with all your heart and then see where God is.

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