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I Used to Dance

A friend of mine has recently done a very wonderful, yet very brave thing. He openly admitted he has recently been struggling with depression. Kudos to you friend. Not an easy thing to bring to the forefront. Most of us prefer to stay in denial.

Crohn’s Disease has taken its toll on me, but depression was one of the areas I refused to allow it to take me. But it did. So I did the only thing I knew I could do, deny it. It wasn’t easy to see at the time and I’ll admit, it is still a struggle for me. I’m not a sit on the sidelines kind of person. I’ve always been right in the middle of stuff enjoying life to the fullest. Being sidelined by a disease has been attacking me at the very core of who I am and who I always thought I was.

A patient God and a very loving husband and family have been going through this with me. Karl is actually glad that I’m finally admitting how much I had struggled during some of my lowest points with all that Crohn’s has taken from me. The best way I fight back? Finding every single way I can enjoy life to the fullest again – no matter what others think. I suppose it is best summed up in my thoughts that I shared with my friend.

When a child hears a happy tune – they giggle and dance for joy. When they get a favorite toy – expressions of happiness unlimited. When they see someone hurting they are ready to give all – immediately. Being an adult really sucks because so many people tell you to grow up. But I was much happier when I giggled and danced and gave all I had.

Crohn’s still gives me bad days, but I’m determined to giggle, dance and give like a little child, because life was meant to be lived happy and abundantly!


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My husband and I grew up in a generation where we were told what to do and what not to do, often without any reason or explanation as to why. While our great grandparents prided themselves in obedient children who just did what they were told, somehow our society has created in us the need to know why.
So as we discuss life choices with all of our children, and especially the teenager, we remember to throw in the “why’s” of the reasoning behind our positions. It’s not because we are bad parents and haven’t trained our children to obey without question. It is instead making sure our children know enough to have a reason to take that position for themselves in the future when they are on their own.

One of the latest issues discussed – public dancing. I’ve seen some very beautiful folk dances over the years, including ones with particular songs that taught life lessons. I’ve also seen what dancing with “bumping and grinding” can do to a friend of mine back when we were teenagers. We’ve told Michael, dancing today is so sensual and skin contact creates a lot of things that often aren’t supposed to be there. A husband and wife swaying to some music in the privacy of their own home – that’s their deal. Good for them. I don’t need to see it in public please and i certainly don’t need to see people not married to each other doing it.

So this article appears and I share it with my son. Yes, there are reasons why we don’t show off tons of flesh and press skin against skin when it’s not with the person we are married to. It leads to many problems, of which the producers of Dancing With the Stars have to spend money fixing after every season. Here’s more. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/10/22/bumping-and-grinding-on-dwts-leads-to-off-screen-hookups-between-dancers-stars/

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