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Denunciation or Desire

When we try to change someone’s mind about a particular issue or topic, I’ve noticed that it is called the art of persuasion and not the listing of their stand’s atrocities. I was reminded again recently, buy reading some inspirational quotes, that we gain more adherents by showing something better, than by telling them how bad their ways are.

It is denunciation or desire. It works in many areas of life from community grass roots movements, parenting and other personal relationships to areas of study, philosophy and religion. We still gain more adherents by creating a desire for what we are advocating instead of beating down their position. I see this in my children on a regular basis. When my children come up with ideas for their school projects, they need guidance. They need to be led to desire to make their project the best it can be with great effort, planning and staying focused. They don’t respond well if I start by saying that their idea for their project is stupid and won’t amount to anything.

What are you passionate about? What would you like to convince the world of? Aim to create desire in folks, desire for something better, instead of denouncing what they currently embrace. In denunciation, all we end up doing is bringing up defenses. Share joy. Share the beauty of what you are passionate about. Share what attracted you to it. Aim for desire over denunciation.

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