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Moving the Jar

A friend of mine cleans houses as a way to make a living. She has some interesting stories about some of the situations she has encountered as well as many great cleaning tips! Recently she was cleaning the home of a new client. Busily at work in the kitchen, she was surprised when all three of the owner’s dogs raced into the kitchen and stood at attention near her. What could this mean?

My friend soon realized what had taken place. In her efforts to clean the kitchen counter and wipe under various appliances, jars and canisters – she had moved the treat jar. Merely moving the jar that holds their precious treats, even just for cleaning, sent those dogs into action. Their ears so honed to the sound of that jar being touched or moved in any way meant something good was coming.

Today, I want God to have a treat jar on His counter. I want to learn by heart the sounds that are made when God gets ready to move His jar. I want to be ready when God is giving out treats of grace, patience, unexpected blessings, friendships, beauties of nature, a child’s smile, a family hug and so many more of the special treats that come from being His child.

Sometimes it seems the jar hasn’t moved in a while. Maybe the kitchen counter is cluttered and you need to let someone come in and clean it off and move the jar. Listen for it. That means something good is coming!

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Time for Joy

What I love about this video –  well, watch it first.


We once “dogsat” for friends doing a term of missionary service. Our children were very sad to see that gentle Great Pyrenees go home when our friends returned. What a beautiful and gentle animal she was. It was amazing to watch her bond with the children and take them as her responsibility when they were outdoors. I didn’t worry about the children when Tilly was on duty, even the barely walking Greta. She had no reason to fear a dog that stood taller than she did.

But what really touches my heart is that a stronger creature is gentle with one still fragile. A faster animal slows his pace, willingly to that of a child. When the child sets down the leash to take a turn in the puddles, the dog doesn’t run. He waits patiently for his companion to experience a bit of joy that is special to them. How wonderful to go on a walk with someone who knows when you need to take a detour for a little time of pure joy!

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