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Always Running for Re-election

I’m not sure who the fools are that keep doing it, but out there somewhere are folks that keep on re-electing a terrible lawmaker. First of all, it is amazing that the guy even gets elected to congress in the first place. After what he does, they just keep re-electing him. What gives? And we haven’t even gotten to the worst part yet.

Have you seen his laws? Who do you know that hasn’t been impacted by his laws? How does he get these past the Presidential Veto? No one seems to be able to stop him, yet his laws make life so difficult.

My fellow citizens, I urge you to take this matter seriously. I urge you to speak of this lawmaker’s evils against humanity and convince your family, friends, neighbors and community to stop him from causing more problems. If we can get grass roots groups going all over this country, we can stop the madness!

We must put an end to Murphy’s Laws!

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Scramble Leadership

My oldest son goes to a small Christian school, where he is a senior this year. The first Saturday night of each school year, there is a Junk Scramble. The four corners of the gym are stations for the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors respectively. There they set up camp, students bringing whatever they could find and whatever they think might be called for.

More than just the fun of seeing which class can be the first to bring “something reptile” to the center of the gym to the scrutiny of the awaiting judges, is the awareness of the classes getting to know each other better. In Michael’s class, I saw several times where seniors had the chance to do a little more preparation, and some of them just played basketball. In fact, it was quite obvious since each class wears a different color that night, that only seniors were messing around while all of the other classes were busy at their stations, organizing their junk and trying to be ready to quickly grab and run once the game began.

Michael reminded us that the junk scramble comes just before the election of class officers. I mentioned what I had seen and gave him some advice. Those seniors that were goofing off and messing around, don’t elect them to leadership positions. They didn’t show they were there to help and prepare. They didn’t take it seriously.a

I think the school is very wise to give the students such a fun and “ice breaker” type of activity at the beginning of the year to give students a chance to see what kind of personalities are in their classmates and who can they really count on. Perhaps more businesses and institutions should have junk scrambles for adults. Does a supervisor need to know who is up for a promotion? A junk scramble just might reveal who is working and who is not taking things seriously.

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