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Silent Skits

The kids in our church are really shy for some reason. So most of us on the church campout were thrilled to see three of the shiest ones putting on a skit for the evening worship program. There was some music playing in the background, but the skit itself was in silence.

It was cute to watch one kid walk up to, inspect and eventually sit down in a chair clearly and brightly labeled “Sin.” He then squirmed and pretended that he was stuck in sin. My youngest son then came by with a Bible to help, but the kid stuck in sin refused.

Three more people came by, all of which the victim reached out to for help, but none of them could do it. The Karate man couldn’t. The witch doctor/magician couldn’t and the body builder couldn’t do it. Finally the boy with the Bible came back around again and this time the kid stuck in sin decided he was ready to try the Bible and get out!

It was a simple skit, but the lesson is huge. There are many things we look to in life to solve all of our problems, but when it comes to the entangling morass of sin, the Bible and the God it reveals are the only answer.

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