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Where you put it

“It’s my fault. Again.” “It’s always me, I’m the one that always messes everything up.” “I’m so worthless and not good for anything.”

Do you know someone who talks like this? Have you said similar things yourself? Yes, we all make mistakes and sometimes we even repeat them. Unfortunately, beating ourselves up doesn’t rectify any of it.

I like this quote from St. Augustine:

Beware of despairing about yourself. You are commanded to put your trust in God, and not in yourself.

When I think I’m doing things in my own strength (as if I had any), I’m liable to get less than the desired results. The fact of the matter is that every breath I take is a gift from God. Every talent I have is on loan from Him. Every skill I’ve improved is because of the attitude and character He is growing in me. When we do things in God’s strength, our trust is in Him, not in ourselves. We can stop beating ourselves up. God has a pretty good track record.

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