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Hill Country

My husband and I had the privilege of doing a Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar in the Hill Country of Texas this past weekend. The nice 8 hour drive there and back gave us plenty of time to talk, laugh and process everything that happened that weekend. One amazing thing – connectedness.

I at one point in my life had been told that I couldn’t do a certain thing because I hadn’t had enough “life experiences” yet. Translation, they were discriminating against my age. While there are many wonderful gems of wisdom, lessons learned and the list goes on of positive things that come with more “life experiences,” or age, that doesn’t mean it is the only way it happens.

This past weekend I discovered a new connectedness. Three things all came together to make a much more meaningful impact on my life. None of them had anything to do with the fact that I am now in my 40’s instead of late 20’s. The connectedness was all from things very recent. A sermon series by my husband for the past few weeks on the passage on the Armor of God from the book of Ephesians chapter six (think helmet of Salvation), a book I’ve been challenged to write by a beloved college professor on the hope found in the book of Ruth and a time of daily devotion that led to the reading of the 5th chapter of First Thessalonians (see 5:8).

For weeks, there has been a build up as my husband completed his series on the Armor of God. I remember the time and energy he spent on preparing the sermon on the Helmet of Salvation. The whole passage is very ingrained on my mind right now. Taking the time to write the beauty of God’s message of hope in the least likely of all stories, a foreign widow named Ruth, has opened my eyes to looking for hope in places where it usually isn’t expected to be. Then finally came 1 Thessalonians 5:8. Once again Paul is urging the believers he cares some deeply for to put on the armor of God. This time, he doesn’t just say the helmet of salvation, but he says the helmet of the hope of Salvation. That’s when all three swirled around together in my mind like a team of synchronized fire flies.

For the believer, there is hope! Knowing that God has provided Salvation, we can be armed with this hope, this promise when we get stuck in the morass of today’s bad news headlines, one after the other. We know this isn’t all there is. That gives us hope. That hope gives us the strength to keep going day by day, when others give up. To see the connectedness of how God made these three things so impactful in my life this past weekend told me this: life experiences and connectedness can happen in a short time. The three things tied together that gave me that aha moment were all things that had happened within the past two months or less.

Connectedness can happen no matter your age.

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