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Movie Bites

We took a family walk this evening and I gave the order to my youngest son – nothing that comes from a movie please!

I noticed it this morning and commented on it; that everything he said was little sound bites from various movies, TV programs or computer games. Was it cleverly done? Of course! Was he right on the mark? Absolutely! But I wanted to be able to have a conversation with him without having to visualize the movie he was pulling bits and pieces from.

This led to the family challenging each other to various levels of “screen-free” days. Matthew’s response was, sure, but you need to give me something interesting to do instead.

Isn’t that the problem? You have a bookshelf full of great books, shelves full of great science project games, art supplies, science gadgets, games, challenges and Legos. And you need something interesting to do?

And so it begins.

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Last night I was the only parent in the house as Karl was out of town for a meeting. This is a big job. Speaking of our family and our personalities to some colleagues at a conference once caused them to look at us with pity and admiration. Through their laughter they exclaimed, “You must have a high energy household.” That would be an understatement. This household is hard enough for two parents to run. So I was in running in safe mode last night. Just the basic operations to get through to bed time, no extras.

Then Greta.

Then Greta asked me to play a game of Whoonu with her. I didn’t feel like getting on the floor and playing a game. I had some other projects to work on as my day before the kids got home didn’t go as planned. But somehow a game of Whoonu slipped through my safe mode. Sure, I’ll play a game with you.

You are the best mom in the world.

The rest of the evening went better because of the togetherness and fun we had as a family playing that game. Whoonu? Should have known. The family that bonds together works together. Take some quality time with your family tonight and see what happens. You might be saying Whoonu too!

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I love waterfalls.

That sentence deserves space all to itself. Ah, waterfalls! What’s not to love about a waterfall? My husband knows of my love for waterfalls and managed to surprise me a few years ago with one of those “moving” lighted pictures of a waterfall. I love it!

Last night, it was my turn to select my favorite thing in the “Apples to Apples” game I was playing with friends from church. There in the stack of cards I was to choose from was, waterfalls. There was no question about this one. I had to choose waterfalls! Others in the group thought I should have chosen their card and therefore given them the point. My friend that was sitting next to me simply smiled and said, I know she loves waterfalls.

What is one thing you know about the people you interact with? What is something that always brings a smile to their face? What is the one country the have always loved to travel to? Go ahead, take the time to get beyond the casual chit chat of the weather and really get to know the people around you. Who knows what amazing discoveries you might find!

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