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I Used to Dance

A friend of mine has recently done a very wonderful, yet very brave thing. He openly admitted he has recently been struggling with depression. Kudos to you friend. Not an easy thing to bring to the forefront. Most of us prefer to stay in denial.

Crohn’s Disease has taken its toll on me, but depression was one of the areas I refused to allow it to take me. But it did. So I did the only thing I knew I could do, deny it. It wasn’t easy to see at the time and I’ll admit, it is still a struggle for me. I’m not a sit on the sidelines kind of person. I’ve always been right in the middle of stuff enjoying life to the fullest. Being sidelined by a disease has been attacking me at the very core of who I am and who I always thought I was.

A patient God and a very loving husband and family have been going through this with me. Karl is actually glad that I’m finally admitting how much I had struggled during some of my lowest points with all that Crohn’s has taken from me. The best way I fight back? Finding every single way I can enjoy life to the fullest again – no matter what others think. I suppose it is best summed up in my thoughts that I shared with my friend.

When a child hears a happy tune – they giggle and dance for joy. When they get a favorite toy – expressions of happiness unlimited. When they see someone hurting they are ready to give all – immediately. Being an adult really sucks because so many people tell you to grow up. But I was much happier when I giggled and danced and gave all I had.

Crohn’s still gives me bad days, but I’m determined to giggle, dance and give like a little child, because life was meant to be lived happy and abundantly!


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With Donations Like These…

This was left for retirees to haul off.

My mother volunteers at a local thrift store, along with many other retirees. This is what greeted her one morning – a “donation.”

This thrift store sells “gently used” clothing and small household items and serves many in the local community. The funds they raise are used to assist burnout victims and others. It also helps to keep the lights on in the building. It sickened me to see this trash that was left for grandmas and grandpas to haul off.

I remember in a class discussion at church one day, a woman broke down in tears and said that when she was in need, a friend took her and pulled out the very best dress she had in her closet. This woman admitted that her friend didn’t have much, but she gave the best she had. Too often, we think we are giving when we donate what’s left or what we can no longer use because of its condition.

Sometime in the next 12 months, consider buying a brand new outfit or package of underwear or socks and donating them to a local thrift store. You will see eyes light up and get more appreciation and thanks than you can probably handle. As you look at this picture and then go about your day, ask yourself this question: how do I give my time? Do I give what is left to my church, my family, my God? Do I only give what is left that is all used up and not good for much else? Or do I give the best I have?

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