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Intentional Relating

So I started this blog for the purpose of encouraging myself and others to be intentional about relating to life. I hope (with the occasional artistic license) that is what you have seen here.

Sometimes, however, we need things spelled out for us in a very practical manner. So exactly how does one become intentional about relating to life? Let’s look at the three main words: intentional, relating and life. If we look at it backwards and describe it, we might describe life as active moving essence. We could describe relating as understanding how something applies to us or seeing our connection to something. Intentional of course meaning purposefully, meaning to, choosing to do it without hesitation.

So, how has it been for you lately? Have you been seeing your connection to active moving essence and choosing to do so without hesitation? Have you been understanding your marriage more, purposefully? Have you been relating to your kids more – meaning to do so? Don’t leave anything out. To get the most out of life, we need to be intentional about every aspect. Don’t hold anything back. Live life fully, purposefully and without hesitation!

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That was our hotel. We both thought so, but we kept driving wondering where our directions were taking us. Alas the maps done online were exact in getting us to the location. It is just that the address was slightly incorrect.

Have you ever been there? Where the goal is in sight but your directions are leading you away? As we take these one day trips to Dallas for Greta’s ADEM follow ups, we soon won’t need directions to our hotel (thank God for reward points).

If the goal has been left behind – pull over, like we did. Stop and study your directions for any mistakes and be thankful you saw the goal along the way!!

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