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Information Overload

It doesn’t happen very often, but I saw my oldest son go through information overload this weekend. Perhaps it comes from being a senior in high school and having in less than two months time the following: SAT, ACT and semester final exams. The finals start tomorrow. I’m hoping Michael recovers from the ACT in time to switch gears to finals.

There comes a point where you’ve pushed yourself too much, too far, too fast and you have to disengage. We tried all sorts of things to help Michael relax from the test so he could get back to regular homework assignments due Monday morning, but it was laughter that finally eased the tension. As the wise man said, a merry heart is like a good dose of medicine!

Overload is easy to experience, especially around the holiday times. Before your natural instincts to shut down and disengage go into autopilot – make sure you take some time to laugh. Watch some kids playing at a playground. Read a corny joke book. Watch one of the “Thou Shalt Laugh” presentations or post a joke on social media and ask others to keep it going.

The people around you want to stay connected, so take a moment to laugh instead of having to disengage. Enjoy the holiday season. Laugh!!

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Each time my husband and I put on a marriage seminar, there is a bit of wrap up afterward. Registrations, resource sales and expense reports all have to be reconciled. One mistake can keep you number crunching for hours.

The event cannot be “closed out” until all is reconciled. Wouldn’t it be nice if we couldn’t move on from a painful event until all had been reconciled? Even if it meant “number crunching” for hours and having to admit when you finally realize your mistake?

Holidays are coming. They are much more memorable if you have done your reconciling before. Ready to get to work?

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