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A Tale of Two Funerals

In the past two months, I have attended two funerals at the same church, with the same nice funeral home folks from down the street and the same congregation and community. But the funerals were vastly different.

Same church, same desire to love God and serve Him with their whole life, but the two men who passed away had one major difference. One led with truth and the other led with grace. The Bible has a lot to say about truth and grace. The truth will set you free. Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. In John’s gospel account, he says we were able to catch a glimpse of the glory of God in Jesus – full of grace and truth.

After spending time devouring God’s Word, it seems that we need both truth and grace in our lives. From reading at the beginning of all things, in the book of Revelation, to the beginning of our little part of it on Planet Earth, in the book of Genesis; the truth is that we screwed up. We disobeyed God and brought much suffering upon ourselves and a curse upon humanity. But Jesus led with grace. He already had a plan in place to save us.

Two funerals. Two different men. The man who led with truth, had a few people say some nice things about what he had done to serve others. Those attending the funeral were scattered around the largely empty church. The man who led with grace? His funeral was packed with standing room only, even in the balcony. So many people shared stories amongst themselves about the impact this man had made in their life. Relationships were healed that day as folks saw a living demonstration of grace and healing.

Two men, two funerals, two outcomes. Lesson learned: we make a better impact for God when we lead with grace.

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Your Drawing

I went through a focusing leaders program a few years back and loved it! Having to take a step back and put my life on a timeline, recording incidents that impacted me (both good and bad) and seeing how God led in my life through it all was a real eye opener.

I saw clearly that I was never the spectator type. My motto was live life to the fullest isn’t enough – give me more! I also saw that music was a big part of my life from a very young age. Dramatic and impactful presentations were also there, plain to see. At one point, the program asked me to draw my response to all I had learned. It was quite simple, really, although I could only draw in stick figures.

My drawing consisted of a back view of myself, head back, lost in musical praise to God with no worries about what others thought of me. It just didn’t matter.

The good things on my timeline – absolute blessings from God. The challenges, moments of His grace to carry me through some of the most painful experiences of my life. Out of that pain, God brought passion and a mission. Why shouldn’t I praise Him?

If you could take a step back and look at your life, score it into chapters and cite the lessons learned in each phase of your life – what would be the impact? In the end of seeing where you have been and where you are going – what would your drawing look like? Don’t be afraid to be who God created you to be. Live your drawing!

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