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Intentional Relating

So I started this blog for the purpose of encouraging myself and others to be intentional about relating to life. I hope (with the occasional artistic license) that is what you have seen here.

Sometimes, however, we need things spelled out for us in a very practical manner. So exactly how does one become intentional about relating to life? Let’s look at the three main words: intentional, relating and life. If we look at it backwards and describe it, we might describe life as active moving essence. We could describe relating as understanding how something applies to us or seeing our connection to something. Intentional of course meaning purposefully, meaning to, choosing to do it without hesitation.

So, how has it been for you lately? Have you been seeing your connection to active moving essence and choosing to do so without hesitation? Have you been understanding your marriage more, purposefully? Have you been relating to your kids more – meaning to do so? Don’t leave anything out. To get the most out of life, we need to be intentional about every aspect. Don’t hold anything back. Live life fully, purposefully and without hesitation!

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Have you been inspired lately? Has something so moved you that when you were able to breathe again you knew you would never be the same because of what you just experienced?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of modern technology is being able to capture inspirational and moving moments and share them around the world. Take a moment. Close your eyes and think of the last video, piece of music, artwork, poetry…that inspired you to take on the rest of your day with renewed energy and strength. If you can’t think of any, I have a few suggestions.

If life has been a little dull lately, take the time to connect with an inspiring moment and your life won’t be the same!



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