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Matthew is our middle child, and true to form is the main comic among the children. Why is this phenomenon so pervasive that middle children become the clowns of the family?

Karl is a news hound. Warning: the previous sentence was an understatement of unimaginable proportions. As is his habit, he was scrolling through the latest in news at the end of breakfast, doing his thin ice trick. Will he find something fun to encourage the children to get finished and get out the door for school or will he serve as a bigger distraction and make everyone late? Each day we find out which kind of news it will be. Today’s news was material for Matthew’s latest comic routine.

Disney has bought Lucas Films – think Star Wars. Upon hearing this news from his father, Matthew blurted out, “What’s next, Star Wars Fairy Tales? Taste my sparkle saber!”

Everyone should have a morning laugh. The benefits of the oxygen intake alone are worth it. I have my youngest son to thank for today’s morning laugh. Perhaps for Christmas, I’ll even get him a sparkle saber!

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