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Exactly what are you trying to say?

I felt sick to my stomach when I heard the first wail of grief come from a family member as the name that represented someone dear to them was read by President Obama. That was just the adults. When he read off each child’s (first name only) name, I could only imagine how many times it had been said by the parents as they interacted with their child each day. How did they say it when they tucked them into bed at night? My mother heart goes out to all of those hurting.

I felt sick to my stomach again this morning when my husband informed me of the latest plans of a certain organization. I shudder that they claim the same name I do, Christian. I wonder, exactly what are they trying to say? I don’t think they plan on quoting John 3:16 or 1John 4:7,8.

I pray for a protective shield of true Christians to surround those mourning families and protect them from picketers and protesters. Please, give us time to grieve and heal.


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