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No Repeats

Today I found myself in the care of a man who really loved his job, an x-ray technician. The test was necessary before I can become a part of a medical study for Crohn’s Disease. The tech was friendly, answered any questions I had and walked me every step of the way through all that was going to happen cheerfully. I began my normal conversation starter by asking him what he liked about his job. His answer included the patients themselves, being able to cheer people up and being on the move and not being bored.

He had walked me all the way out to the lobby and began visiting with Karl also, patiently waiting for me to be done with the test. The tech went on to explain that he does his best to simplify the instructions for what patients need to do and what he is going to be doing during the procedure to put them at ease. He takes the time to interact with them and get them comfortable so they endure the test well. He said he rarely has to repeat any tests, because his patients are so comfortable that they do the test well.

Wow! What if every single person had that as their motivation? Imagine if everyone had the aim of putting their client/customer at ease before beginning whatever work they do so there was no need for a repeat? Does it pay to take the time to connect with your customers? For this x-ray tech it does. I truly believe he ministers to the patients that come into the facility where he works. God bless, especially  health care professionals, who take the time to put their clients at ease. You are a blessing

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