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My little wilderness man really enjoyed this season of “Get Out Alive” with Bear Grylls. Yes, it was still television, but he loved learning about the respect for the wild and survival. At the end of each challenge when all the teams would gather together to find out which one Bear would choose to go home – Bear often spoke about positivity. Basically I got from it that if you have a nasty attitude while you are trying to survive in the wild, it would be like having one arm tied behind your back and asked to row across a lake.

Positivity came up again yesterday, as I checked my mother in for her a preventive procedure. The lady at the desk checking her in had a sign about always being blessed. I started a conversation with her and we all enjoyed our time together. Everyone should have that much fun checking in for something as painful as a mammogram!

This woman shared her experience of just that morning, feeling down on herself and her mind filling with all kinds of things that were horrible about herself. Out of nowhere, a woman walked up to her and said nice things about her and basically put all the bad thoughts to shame. Our new friend felt joy at the negativity being sent packing and the positivity filling its place. That experience would carry her through the day.

It is so easy to listen to the negative. It is so easy to sink into pity parties and loathing ourselves. It’s true that we may not be perfect, but God didn’t wait for us to be perfect before He died for our sins, so maybe we need to keep listening to what God has to say about us. His words are positive, full of love and compassion. Yes, there is correction and guidance, but it is always spoken with great love for us. If positivity can help you survive in the wild then positivity can help us survive in the wildness we face every day just by getting up in the morning. With God’s help, I aim to be more positive!

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The Spread

My husband was gifted with expressiveness. It is a part of regular family entertainment. The kids squeal with laughter when Karl takes a bite of a tart apple and the reaction is seen on his face. Obviously, my husband’s facial contortions are nothing new.

Today, however, was different. He began his usual facial expressions which soon turned into a full body demonstration of utter disgust. I took a step closer to where he had been standing and joined in the expression exhibition. It turns out that ant killer has a rotten cabbage smell. I’m still trying to figure out why Karl opened it inside the house, when the ants are outside. Curiosity does more than kill the cat. It also permanently damages olfactory nerves.

Karl put the lid on the canister quite quickly and apologized, but the deed was done. The smell was so strong that it started filling the rooms. I ran for the air freshener. Spraying good stuff and turning on fans helps, but this evil smell lingers.

Bitterness, ugliness, foul smells, rotten attitudes, negativity – they can all spread very quickly. I hope to never let that smell in my house again and I’m also going to pay more attention to the attitudes around me – including my own. I don’t want it spreading to those around me.

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