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The Note Bandit

There is a note bandit in our house. She gives and takes in a most interesting way. She shuts herself up in her room for a half hour or more, producing little notes to be distributed to each member of the family. Her favorite way of doing this is to put it under the intended family member’s pillow. She then proceeds to make up a game or a riddle to get you to find your note. This is the most intense part as she is most impatient to have you discover your note.

The reason I call our daughter the Note Bandit: she leaves you a note that steals your heart. Karl and I had just gotten back from one trip and were preparing to leave for another. Sometimes we don’t travel for months at a time and at others, we travel up to three times in one month. It was in one of these frequent travel cycles that she left us a note about how much she loved us, but it hurt her very deeply when we left her. To see that in 7 year old scrawl was gut wrenching, especially when we knew we still had one trip coming.

The latest round of notes included one to me in which Greta thanked me for things – everything in past tense. She thanked me for caring for her when she was sick and couldn’t go to school. Of course that brought up memories of nine days in the Children’s Hospital for her experience with ADEM. Again, she leaves a note and steals the heart.

Everything has to stop when the gregarious little girl announces her notes. She doesn’t rest until we have read the notes and given her our reaction or response. Thank you Greta, for the reminder of how intentional and intense we need to be about connecting with those we love.

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