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Deja Chick Flick

My husband and I have a page on facebook called Unashamed Marriage. We post things from real life experiences of our own, friends, family and any other true story we can get our hands on. Karl is especially good at finding little nuggets of research on the internet that make you want to stand up and fight for your marriage! This is one of them.

Google marriage and chick flicks and you will eventually come across ten things you can do to improve your marriage, including putting the brakes on chick flicks. What? Manly movies are full of blood and violence. What is wrong with a tender chick flick? Well, let’s go back to science class. The human body is amazing. A study of physiology will leave you marveling at God’s creativity. While you cannot put all men in a jar and all women in a bowl, there are some basic physiological differences between them – almost universal. Men are visually stimulated. Women are impacted by words and affection.

So give a happily married woman a steady diet of romantic comedies (chick flicks) for a few months and you may discover something: she begins to become dissatisfied with her marriage, because it’s not like it is in the movies. Her need for words and affection has been met with the tenderness of the romantic comedies and the oaf she is married to suddenly becomes everything the hero in the movie is not. Are all chick flicks bad? The study said to limit the amount of romantic comedies. Let your marriage be the center of tenderness and affection in your wife’s life, not something from the big screen.

Don’t believe me? Take another look at how art imitates life. The movie Sleepless in Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan was a hit. But you may notice throughout the plot line, there is is the reference to another movie. The main female character is constantly comparing her life to scenes from An Affair to Remember. Okay Sharon, big deal, this is a movie about a woman caught up with the plot line of another movie. It’s still just a movie. Yes, and I still know a couple of women who named their children off of favorite characters from movies and television.

Just something to think about.

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