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I love it when young people embrace the real. There is so much garbage mixed in with everything out there it’s hard to keep up, but each and every day young people are choosing real stuff of substance over the superficial.

But if you think “real” is skirts to the floor and super long hair knotted up in a bun, you may be more irrelevant than you are real. While there is nothing inherently wrong with long skirts and hair in buns, it’s not the only “real” option out there.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting some real and relevant young people and those mentoring them. Yes there is modesty, simplicity, diligence, honesty, loyalty and hard work; but it’s also colorful, modern, vibrant and lived out passionately. I love these real young people and others love them too – because they are relevant.


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Today is a family day since the kids are off for thanksgiving. Day in Nature is our goal.

It took us almost two hours to get five of us out the door. Makes me wonder, are we so far removed from nature and the way God placed us in a garden that it is difficult to prepare for simplicity and refreshment again?

Wilderness Man will be happy today. Perhaps he will someday raise his own children to be closer to nature.

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