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Three Widows

I was in the kitchen at church, helping out where I could, but I felt out of place. The other three ladies in there were all widows. There was something they could share between them that no one else would understand. They could encourage and sympathize with each other better than anyone else ever could.

My heart ached for these women, yet I couldn’t deny the beauty of their shared grief turned to shared comfort and encouragement with one another. One woman had been a widow for more than a decade, the youngest of the ladies. The oldest had just become a widow and the woman in the middle had lost her husband a couple of years ago, but just recently lost her oldest child. So different, yet they found ways to strengthen and encourage each other.

The Bible has a lot to say about social justice – mostly about caring for the orphan and the widow. If you have widows and widowers in your church, your neighborhood or your community – reach out to them. Don’t forget about them. Especially reach out to younger widows. They have a heavy burden to bear. Their married friends begin to fear that this grieving widow will try to steal their husbands. She slowly gets left out of things she had once always been included in.

Seeing three widows minister to each other and encourage each other was a moment of reverence, but I was grateful that none of these women had been rejected and forgotten by her church family. May we never forget.


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