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Quantum Relativity

So my oldest and I were in a discussion this morning about physics. Part of my personal Bible study time this morning including contemplating where our information comes from about who we are and what our purpose might be in this life. A point was made that if science is our final guide, what do we do when different laws in science are diametrically opposed to each other?

This is where Michael came in. Since he wants to be an engineer and devour physics, I asked him to put it into his own words: what is the conflict between quantum physics and the theory of relativity. His answer: quantum physics is based on the fact that  no matter what, all matter stays as it is (basically). Relativity, on the other hand, indicates that the speed at which matter travels can have an impact on time perception (this is for all of you time travelers out there).

After much contemplation, I will still enjoy science and appreciate it for what it is – a study and observation of known things. When it comes to the unknown things, I’m going to stick to the Bible. My reasoning? Many people tried to say that the Bible was wrong and when it says as a man thinks in his heart, it really meant the brain. It is some kind of allegory or something. Well, I tend to think that if it were meant to be a symbol, it would have clearly indicated it was a symbol. Just because something doesn’t make sense, doesn’t mean that you spiritualize it away, especially now that we know better. Oh, you haven’t heard?

Our “science” in the realm of medicine has finally gotten to the point where we can study more and observe that there are actually neurotransmitters surrounding the heart. Neurotransmitters – think brain stuff. So if it took science this long to finally catch up to the Bible in this one point, I’m content to continue to live by faith and wait for it to catch up with the rest as well.

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