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Tag! You’re It!!

There are days as a parent when you just need to hand it off to your spouse. You give them that look that says, you take over or this child will end up grounded for three years. Greta does more than any of the other children to cause us to keep passing the baton back and forth. But what if there is no one to pass the baton to?

I know some recent single parents with young children. They have a lot going on. Suddenly they are responsible for everything to a much greater magnitude than ever before. They also desperately need that “Tag, you’re it” moment to pass the baton to someone else for a little while.

Single parents work hard and sacrifice a lot. If you know a single parent, especially of younger children, why don’t you find out if you can provide one of those moments where they can pass the baton to you for a few minutes? Offer to take their kids to the park for an hour. Find out their favorite treat and take them to get it. Find out what their parent is really struggling with right now, and find a way to reinforce and support the parent to those children during your outing.

By the way, it doesn’t matter why they are a single parent. Death, divorce, never married; it just doesn’t matter. Those kids till need mentoring and that parent still needs a moment to tag someone else to take over for a while.

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I love this acronym. HALT is not so much about making decisions, but your surroundings when you make them. Here is the advice: Don’t make important decisions when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired (HALT).

What should I eat? Not a good decision when you are already hungry as impulse will most certainly take over. I know for a fact that fatigue gets me and I don’t have full use of my thought processes, so not making important decisions when I’m tired is a no brainer. I can see the wisdom in checking yourself and decisions made when you are angry or lonely.

Take a moment to make sure you are making good decisions, at a good time. Remember to HALT!

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