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Had to have a difficult conversation today. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still wasn’t easy.

Just because a conversation is already expected to be touchy, doesn’t mean we have to make it into a mess. There are nice ways to handle these necessary, but difficult conversations. A plus in your favor, if you are staying connected with the people you have the conversation with. It’s kind of hard to discuss difficult topics, if you have no clue where the person is at and haven’t been around lately to notice. This applies whether you live in the same town as well as perhaps on a different continent.

I remember once visiting the home of a lady who was selling her lovely house to move closer to her kids – in the next town, an entire 8 miles away! Her reasoning: I’m too far away and I won’t see them otherwise. Eight miles is too far away?

We function in relationships and sometimes those very relationships demand we bring up things like dad may need to move in to an assisted living center, Junior needs tough love or he won’t amount to anything, Little brother’s emotional issues are wearing on mom and causing her problems, Spouse wants you to sign a Living Will, grandparents refuse to get hearing aids and blame the kids for not speaking up. But in these family units, you must still be courageous and say, lovingly, what needs to be said. Sometimes it is the best way to show someone how much you care.

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