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Old and New

My husband’s birthday comes in the middle of May – otherwise known as Strawberry season. For years he has loved a special treat for his birthday – strawberry shortcake. Not surprising that our youngest son, born in late November, had a strong affinity for Pumpkin pies, because they were always around in late November.

It has been such a tradition for Karl and for our family, that we don’t want to lose it at all. But when I mentioned trying to find a slightly healthier recipe for shortcake, Karl was actually thrilled! He is so excited about losing more than 30 pounds in less than six months and he doesn’t want to go backwards. This isn’t a diet, for him it is a new lifestyle.

Can there be a mix here? Absolutely! I intend to find a delicious and healthier version of strawberry shortcake and enjoy it with him on his birthday. If anyone has some great recipes – I’m open!!

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