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Tuned for Miracles

I was recently riding in the car with my husband, after a marriage seminar we presented in Crowley, Texas, when he searched through the radio settings to find a station carrying “the game.” It was the Cowboys and they were sure to lose, but he wanted to listen anyway.

The reception started going bad, so I was going to take over and try to find a new station for him, mostly so he could keep his hands on the wheel and drive! But Karl was fast. He had traveled this route before and once he got closer to Tyler, Texas, he knew right where the station was that carried “the game.”

Christmas is like that. There is this expectancy in the air that something amazing is going to happen. People are more in tune for miracles at Christmas than any other time of the year. I suppose God is extra busy lavishing attention and instruction on people finally willing to listen.

Look around, you’ll see it. People usually too busy to care will actually slow down a little at Christmas time. They take the time to tune in to where God has been speaking and trying to get their attention for some time.

What should you do? Pray for miracles to happen! It’s amazing to see it happen all around you. Christmas is a time of amazing miracles.

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