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Human Barometers

I am a human barometer. I have gotten past the “this is weird” stage and accepted it for what it is. The backs of my hands get excessively dry, to the point of cracking and bleeding, just before a major weather pattern or seasonal change. I am not alone. A google of human barometers will link you to scientific and medical think tanks as well as those of us who predict the weather by our bodily changes.

I think I get this from my mother. She is quite shocking – literally. It’s hard not to laugh when shopping with mom as she timidly reaches for something on the shelf, afraid she will get zapped again. As you can imagine, it only got worse for her when she decided to go with the new fashionable metal knee.

For whatever reason this phenomenon happens, I must do my part and accept it as a gift meant to benefit humanity.  Therefore, I will now proclaim: hey guys! Something is up because the backs of my hands are dry and that always happens just before a major weather pattern or seasonal change.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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