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Three Widows

I was in the kitchen at church, helping out where I could, but I felt out of place. The other three ladies in there were all widows. There was something they could share between them that no one else would understand. They could encourage and sympathize with each other better than anyone else ever could.

My heart ached for these women, yet I couldn’t deny the beauty of their shared grief turned to shared comfort and encouragement with one another. One woman had been a widow for more than a decade, the youngest of the ladies. The oldest had just become a widow and the woman in the middle had lost her husband a couple of years ago, but just recently lost her oldest child. So different, yet they found ways to strengthen and encourage each other.

The Bible has a lot to say about social justice – mostly about caring for the orphan and the widow. If you have widows and widowers in your church, your neighborhood or your community – reach out to them. Don’t forget about them. Especially reach out to younger widows. They have a heavy burden to bear. Their married friends begin to fear that this grieving widow will try to steal their husbands. She slowly gets left out of things she had once always been included in.

Seeing three widows minister to each other and encourage each other was a moment of reverence, but I was grateful that none of these women had been rejected and forgotten by her church family. May we never forget.


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Mother Daughter Day

My sister is a single parent of a beautiful and talented young woman. When Cherokee was just getting to school age, Mother’s Day rolled around. In this family of two – one parent and one child, Mother’s Day wasn’t about recognition. For Cherokee, it seemed like she was being separated from her mom. Susan caught on to this real quick and said it wasn’t a day just for her that Cherokee couldn’t be part of. So they renamed it Mother Daughter Day.

Cherokee has since graduated with honors from high school, but it is still Mother Daughter Day for her and her mom. She’ll tell her grandma and me (her favorite aunt) “Happy Mother’s Day,” but for her mom, it’s Happy Mother Daughter Day.

The most important thing a mother can do is stay connected in the lives of her children. It doesn’t mean she gives them anything they want or condone any of their wrongdoings. It means she still has access to touch their hearts and be touched in return. To my sister, maintaining that connection with Cherokee was more important than calling that day by its rightful name of Mother’s Day.

Many blessings as you celebrate the true essence of mother’s day this weekend!

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Mom’s Beauty

I saw a clip from Dove’s campaign on real beauty sketches. When it became clear that women were being asked to describe their features to a sketch artist – I knew what would happen. For some reason we women like to pick out our worst features and dwell on them as if we are some horrible beastly representations of humanity.

I had a huge gap between my two front teeth. Once in high school a guy told me he could stick a pencil between my two front teeth, so I’m not exaggerating here. But at church one day, I got a letter from a woman who was visiting for a few weeks and only spoke Spanish. She had someone help her write the letter and she basically said she knew we couldn’t talk to each other, but each week she looked forward to my smile. She said I always treated her with a smile and friendliness¬† even though we couldn’t speak each others’ language. I still had a huge gap between my two front teeth, but this woman saw the real me.

I’ll admit, my own mother has a hard time seeing her inner and outer beauty. Is she a fashion model? No, she doesn’t airbrush herself. Does she wear a business suit? No, she comes in casual clothes, like the ones she wore to clean the private school my kids attended – to help pay their tuition. She has warm welcoming eyes so you know she means it when she says come on in. Her smile can sometimes be mischievous, so you know that she isn’t afraid to have fun. She has an ample bosom to comfort even the most fussy child – she has held the babies of complete strangers who needed a hand and mom quickly volunteered. That’s who she is.

My mom is beautiful!

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