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40 Degrees

Why in the world would I sit in a camp chair in 40 degree weather this weekend? Because my oldest son was playing in a flag football tournament.

He’s not the most athletic child out there, more of a brainiac, but he gave it is best shot. The program has been good for him this year and so yes, I will sit out in 40 degree weather to watch him play just a little bit of a few games in a tournament (he was assigned to special teams).

Crohn’s Disease tried to get me down later that day, so after sleeping for nearly three hours, I got up and went to a school fundraiser for my younger two children. Why do we do this? Because we love our kids. Why do I do it? Because I care and because you can.

I care about my kids and so I support them. I also want to show them that some things are worth fighting for. I want them to know that some things are worth taking risks for. Shivering in 40 degree weather with 10 mile an hour plus winds isn’t the smartest thing to do for Crohn’s Disease, but it was the best thing I could do as a parent. I hope they see that you may have to adjust things and schedule your day differently, but you can. Yes, you can!

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